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Insurance companies promise to replace your belongings after theft, loss or damage, but can you meet your insurance company's requirements when you're making a claim? By letting Photosecure make an independent record of ownership and value of your belongings, we can help you receive prompt, accurate and stress-free claims settlements.

Zing Photography has been the official, security-qualified Photosecure photographer for the Waikato since June 2007, providing reference quality photography of home, contents and valuables.

The Photosecure service is endorsed by all leading insurance companies and you may earn valuable rewards from your insurance company for using the service. Photosecure is a member of the New Zealand Security Association, the Evidence Photographers International Council and the New Zealand Police Crime Prevention Programme.

For more information regarding Photosecure's services please contact them on 0800 875 875 or visit their website: www.photosecure.co.nz